Paul F. Swift

July 31, 1923 — March 9, 2009

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Fran Swift's Tribute to Her Father

My Dad was loved by me in a very special way. He was my number one advocate. My number one guardian. My Dad has a very special place in my heart because he raised me. Because when I was born I had a lot of difficulties because of my disability. I lost oxygen to my brain and my Dad was always there to help me through. He belonged to a very special group for the learning disabled. He knew how special I was to him.

He raised me to become his special daughter. He raised me when my Mom was so sick. I’m lucky to have had a Dad as wonderful as he was. He raised me to believe in myself and he also raised me to believe in Jesus. He taught me a lot about my faith and what was right and wrong.

I’m so grateful to have had my special Dad who touched my heart in so many ways. His faith made me want to follow in his wonderful footsteps.

I will always remember the wonderful trips and all the wonderful things he did for me. I am so proud of my Dad for all he did with his accomplishments. I have been so blessed in everything he has done for me. He will always touch my heart. He was my best friend and I was so proud of all he did for other people. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be the person I am today. My Dad was my best friend. I will always remember the special saying at Mass. I will carry on the tradition and all he meant to other people.

Thank you, Dad, for being such a wonderful part of our lives. We all loved you very much and I’m so lucky to have had you as my best friend and my number one star. Sleep well in God’s arms. We’ll always miss you. I’ll always have special remembrances in my heart for you. I’m so honored to have called you my Dad. We will hold you in our hearts. So many people loved you, but I loved you in a very special way. I love you Dad and you’ll always remain number one. Thank you for all the many things you did for me. Thank you for making me a good Catholic. Your legacy will carry on in our hearts. You daughter is very proud of you because you’re my special gift from God. You were always there when I needed help. We had our ups and downs, but you will always be missed Dad. You are my special number one Dad. Jesus loves you Dad, and so do we.

I love you, your special daughter Fran.

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